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The Garden of Friendship, Art Beijing
The Embassy of Ireland, Beijing


During the Art Beijing 2021 Art Fair, the Irish Embassy, Beijing, in partnership with PAX launched ‘The Garden of Friendship’, an exhibition of ten Irish contemporary artists.

This accretion of idiosyncratic art historical ideas and subject matter are an embodiment of distilled personal observations, memories and theories, which akin to international contemporary artistic practice made manifest as the ‘conversation within contemporary art’. Making an artwork is a solitary and contemplative affair, carefully predicated upon a methodical laying down of pigmented marks on canvas or paper, the designs herein very much reflect the atemporal cultural world of the twenty first century. The works while no means a complete survey of contemporary Irish visual culture aims to engender a lively visual discourse with our Chinese audience. We feel that these works on display are a compelling argument for the cultural value of visual art in our lives today.

Please click to download the exhibition introduction

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