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MAHÁ Beijing


“MAHÁ Beijing is situated at the heart of the most sought-after residential area of Beijing, adjacent to Chaoyang Park, boasting extensive landscaped green areas – unusual and highly desirable in a dense metropolis such as Beijing.

To this end, PAX designed the MAHÁ Beijing collection to be centred upon a Utopian natural world. From monumental hand-painted prints of early 19th century naturalist scenes by the discoverers of the then New World to contemporary Chinese ‘gongbi’ fine brush paintings of mountains rising from an imagined sea; from depictions of Taiji or the universal energy of yin and yang in abstract polyptychs through a kaleidoscope of pointillist colour to fantasy fusions of man and nature in strong graphic, monochrome pen drawings, MAHÁ’s Beijing spaces are infused with the primacy, verdancy and lushness that is the unique to the setting of the property.”

– Emily de Wolfe Pettit, Curator

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